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We are confident you will be impressed with your animals purchased. Karisma alpacas will enhance any alpaca herd with top quality and genetics.

Alpacas for Export:

Our line of alpaca will be a great choice for overseas buyers. Concentrating on breeding for quality usable fleece, we are producing alpaca worth investing in. Our show results extend our confidence in both Karisma animals and fleece.


What better choice than Karisma Animal Companion Alpacas for your lifestyle property! Karisma alpacas are bred for their quality and nature. They are all halter trained at an early age and enjoy walk time. Kind to your land, and as you can clearly see from the photo to the right, they do not 'push the boundaries' and are forever interested in what's going on.

Make your choice now and enhance your property with Karisma Alpacas.

Note for Waikato Buyers:
For Waikato buyers it is worth remembering that if you purchase your alpacas from within the Waikato area, then you are automatically included in the valuable existing local Waikato network of alpaca breeders and owners, a marvellous human resource of support, experience and knowledge of alpacas and how they are best cared for in our own area. You can't expect someone far away to know how to care for an alpaca here. It's a great reason to buy into the local network.

We are proud to present for sale, progeny of our own breeding - young alpaca produced from Karaka, Presido, Romeo, Connery, Royale, Bentley and Merlot. We will help you to make a selection to suit your budget requirements.

Young Pet Males - white, fawn and brown - $350 to $650 plus GST is the norm but do talk to us regarding price.

Young males - potential studs - come and inspect $2500 - $5000 plus GST (once again - talk to us)

Coloured or white females - beautiful breeding stock - $1500 upwards is the starting range for quantity and quality.

With top genetics and excellent fleece. We have a good range of young females 2 - 3 yrs old who would enhance any alpaca herd, colours white, light fawn or brown. If you require quality stock, contact us now.
Listed here is a selection of Karaka's progeny ready for breeding.
Prices range from $2,500 to $10,000

Karismac Chi - IAR # 1005254
DOB 10/1/10
White beautiful girl. So presentable. Great genetics. A must to buy.

Karismac Deelite - IAR # 1002747
DOB 9/2/09
Light fawn. Pretty fleece. Excellent genetics. Or . . .

Karismac Deesire - IAR # 1005258
DOB 19/2/10
Deelite's sister. Light fawn. Pretty fleece - hard to choose between these girls.

Karismac Destiny's Charm - IAR # 1001244
DOB 6/12/08
Lovely white female. Top genetics. Charm has had her own lovely white female cria to Presido.

Karismac Shahla - IAR # 1006986
DOB 15/5/10
Shahla has a lovely white soft fleece. She would be an awesome purchase.

(prices by negotiation.)

Karismac Moon Maiden - IAR # 1003909
DOB 24/4/10
Quality white female with top genetics. She would be well worth purchasing.

Karismac Ambers Asti - IAR # 1003910
DOB 8/11/10
Light fawn Asti has a lovely fleece, daughter of our senior female Amber Rose who still has a fine fleece at 16 years of age. Asti has consistently won ribbons.

Karismac Saphron - IAR # 1007770
DOB 13/2/11
Very attractive grey female who is a must for any grey buyer.

Karismac Saskia - IAR # 1007775
DOB 7/2/11
Pretty light fawn female, quiet and a pleasure to own.

Karismac Treleese - IAR # 1001234
DOB 22/4/08
Treleese is fawn with a lovely fleece from the top genetics of Karaka and our finest female Lifestyle Arabella. A consistent show winner, she has produces a lovely male cria, 'Cooper' to Presido.


Karismac Mira - IAR # 1005259
DOB 11/2/10
Excellent genetics. Pretty brown in colour. She will be a lovely breeding female. A show winner.

Karismac Peanut - IAR # 108806
DOB 28/1/11
Great genetics of Merlot and Karaka. Peanut is a sweetie. Interesting colour background.

We have a selection of junior females you may prefer to choose or older girls - proven breeders - great for starter packs at $1500 each. Contact us now. Let's negotiate.

You may also prefer to select from our junior females and let your choice grow with you and there are also older girls - well proven breeders available. Here are more of of Merlot and Karaka's progeny ready for breeding:

Karismac Akena - IAR # 1007766
DOB 15/11/10
Light brown. By Merlot.

Karismac Asha - IAR # 1008808
DOB 10/2/11
White. By Karaka.

MALES FOR SALE: (price by negotiation)

We have a great group of young males, halter trained, ready to meet you and win you over.
Here are some potential stud males we have on offer:

Karismac Dyit - IAR # 1009064
DOB 4/3/11
Karaka's progeny, this young man has a lovely white fleece. Dyit would be excellent for a small herd as he has colour also in his background.

Karismac Target - IAR # 1005154
DOB 20/11/09
A confident young male from our Coonawarra Romeo and Coonawarra Saphire - with his lovely grey fleece, Target has done extremely well in the showring and will be hard to part with.


Or maybe you'd prefer this very rare breed that has four heads!
A bunch of boys from Karisma Animal Companions.

Cria for sale:

(Talk to us on price!)

Gorgeous cria for sale. Come and meet them, make your choice and talk to us about the price.This is an excellent time to be the buyer.
How could anyone resist these white babies and you can click to get a bigger better view:

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