miriampeterminWelcome to Karisma Animal Companions, where Peter and Miriam Dixon live among their beloved alpacas (and their many other animals).

Karisma is committed to producing top quality alpacas. Our champions are producing champions. Animals like these will grace any herd adding quality genetics to enhance your stock.

Everything produced by the Karisma Team of "cottage industrialists" is entirely from NZ owned alpacas, and is entirely designed and hand-crafted right here within the exclusive Karisma team, creating a unique high-quality product. Full details of how the business works are explained on the "About our Creations" page.

It comes as no surprise to discover that in earlier days, Miriam was a florist - it goes a long way to explain the feeling for colour and line so evident in the garments she creates and perhaps in the quietly recurring daisy motif you begin to notice, gently haunting her designs.

Peter and Miriam promote alpaca to the general public, wherever possible, to encourage a wider understanding of alpaca and their awesome fibre, and so kiwis can become more aware of the growing alpaca industry in this country. Their commitment is to Karismac Alpaca, improving the quality, and offering to breeders and lifestylers animals they are proud to have carry their stud name.


stud1 Here is our champion father Karaka, with his progeny Karismac Cruze.